What technique is Trivela – Technical instructions for using 

What technique is Trivela is a topic that many players and football lovers are interested in when watching matches. It is a technique to control the ball, but not every player can master this technique. Therefore, to better understand the technique and how to use the trivela technique, we invite you to join LOVEJILI to learn through the article below.

Learn to know clearly What technique is Trivela?

Learn to know clearly What technique is Trivela?

Trivela is a technique in soccer in which a player crosses or kicks the ball with the outside of his foot, creating a more special spin effect than the usual method. The term “trivela” comes from Portuguese, meaning “to bend”.

The trivela technique is more famous for its aesthetics than its effectiveness. Therefore, audiences do not often witness players using this technique in matches. However, situations where trivela is used to score goals can create intense emotions and score points in the hearts of fans.

Introduction to the origins of the trivela technique

Ricardo Quaresma is considered the person who brought trivela to a new level and is considered the creator of this technique. The first goal from the trivela that Quaresma scored was on April 24, 2005, when he played for Porto in a match against Beira-Mar. In 2007, Quaresma scored another goal from the trivela for Porto, and it became even more special when it brought home 3 important points in the match against arch-rival Benfica.

In 2016, Quaresma continued to impress with a trivela to assist Cristiano Ronaldo’s header in a 7-0 win over Estonia. At the 2016 European Football Championship (Euro 2016), Quaresma had a memorable tournament and accompanied the Portuguese team to the championship.

Instructions on how to do trivela for beginners

Instructions on how to do trivela for beginners

Trivela is a difficult technique and even the world’s top players are not sure they can execute it with great precision. This is a technique that requires patient practice, and even when mastered, effectiveness is not always guaranteed due to the instability of the ball’s trajectory when kicked in this manner.

When performing trivela, the approach to the ball and the position of the foot on the base play an important role. Normally, when kicking a ball, the foot is placed close to the ball. However, with trivela, the player needs to place the supporting foot a little away from the ball so that the other foot has enough space to create thrust and spin for the ball.

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When performing this technique, only 3 toes impact the ball, so the contact area between the foot and the ball is not large. This makes adjusting the power during trivelas more difficult, as it is completely different from the tackles that a typical player is used to.

The point of contact with the ball also plays an important role in the trivela technique. Normally, players often kick the ball in the central area. However, to generate more spin, the contact point needs to move more toward the side of the ball. The farther this contact point is from the center of the ball, the more foot force the player must apply so that the ball can fly in the desired trajectory.

The players are capable of performing the trivela technique

The players are capable of performing the trivela technique

Because it is a difficult technique, rated at a 4-star difficulty level, very few players can perform it in the most standard and accurate way. Below is a list of players who can perform the technique.

Tom Rosicky – The person who defines what technique trivela is

A famous name associated with the trivela technique is Tomas Rosicky. He is a former Arsenal player and is known for his exceptionally smooth passing ability, and of course, his trivela technique is also at a high level.

Luka Modric – Flamboyant midfielder of the Spanish club

Luka Modric is considered one of the greatest midfielders in football history and his passing ability is considered top-notch globally. During the 2021/22 season, Modric made an impressive assist with a trivela to help Rodrygo score against Chelsea in Real Madrid’s run to win the Champions League.

It was a superb trivela, demonstrating Modric’s flair and skill in manipulating the ball to produce a precise and powerful pass. It was one of those memorable moments and another testament to Modric’s talent and influence in his career.


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