What organization is FIFA? Learn the roles and tasks of FIFA

Do you know what organization FIFA is? What role does it play in world football? Let’s find out this information with LOVEJILI in the article below. You will discover more interesting knowledge about the king sport loved around the world.

What organization is FIFA?

What organization is FIFA?

FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association in French or International Federation of Association Football in English. This phrase is translated into Vietnamese as the World Football Federation. This is the highest-level organization governing soccer, futsal (indoor soccer), and beach soccer globally. National football federations around the world are members of FIFA.

In 1904, the FIFA organization was established to oversee international tournaments between national teams in Europe. Including countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. FIFA’s headquarters is currently located in Zürich, Switzerland, with 211 member countries.

Unlike the International Football Association Board (IFAB), FIFA does not have control over football laws. However, this organization is responsible for organizing and promoting tournaments and earning profits from sponsorship activities. This has made FIFA the richest non-governmental organization in the world. In 2013, FIFA had revenues of about 1.3 billion USD, profits of about 72 million USD, and cash reserves of up to 1.4 billion USD.

History of the development of the FIFA organization

History of the development of the FIFA organization

In 1902, Anton Wilhelm Hirschman, General Secretary of the Dutch Football Federation, proposed organizing an official international tournament. He proposed establishing an international football organization when meeting with the Secretary General of the English Football Federation. However, this proposal was rejected by many members of the English football federation.

Anton Wilhelm Hirschman did not give up and continued to send letters to other football federations in Europe. Finally, he received the consent of many European football federations to establish an international football organization.

In 1904, the football-friendly match between France and Belgium was recognized as the first international match on May 1, 1904. Then, on May 21, 1904, the agreement to establish an international football organization was officially approved at the headquarters of the French Sports Association. This is why FIFA has an additional name in French.

Initially, FIFA only had the participation of 7 national football federations: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. Robert Guerin was elected the first president of FIFA.

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Learn about the roles, tasks, and tournaments organized by FIFA

Learn about the roles, tasks, and tournaments organized by FIFA

After finding out what organization FIFA is, you cannot ignore this information when deciding to register to bet. What is the role and responsibilities of FIFA, and what tournaments does it organize?

The role of the FIFA organization

One of FIFA’s important roles is to maintain communication between members through establishing representative offices in many countries. Thanks to the support from these offices, FIFA activities can be implemented quickly and effectively.

Representative offices in member countries not only support FIFA in organizing international tournaments. But also responsible for informing and implementing the organization’s regulations. This ensures consistency and standards in football activities globally.

What are the responsibilities of FIFA?

FIFA is responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality standards in the sport of football worldwide. Develop football by establishing and applying rules and regulations, as well as promoting and popularizing the sport.

Organize major international tournaments, such as the World Cup and U-20, U-17 tournaments, Club World Cup, and Confederations Cup. To create opportunities for national teams and clubs to showcase their talent and compete.

FIFA handles violations and cheating in football, ensuring fairness and honesty in matches and related activities. Support national football federations and other member organizations through the provision of financial, technical, and management support to develop football in all parts of the world.

What organization is FIFA? Tournaments organized by FIFA

  • FIFA is responsible for organizing many football tournaments globally. Including competitions for professional players, specific events include:
  • World Cup: This is the leading international football tournament, held every 4 years.
  • FIFA U-20 World Cup: Tournament for U-20 teams around the world, held every 2 years.
  • FIFA U-17 World Cup: Similar to the U-20 World Cup but for U-17 teams.
  • FIFA Club World Cup: The tournament brings together outstanding club teams from different regions and continents.
  • FIFA Confederations Cup: A tournament consisting of 8 national teams, taking place one year before the World Cup, to serve as a foundation for organizing a major tournament.
  • FIFA also organizes tournaments for women, futsal (indoor soccer), and beach soccer.


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