What are penalty bets and popular types of penalty bets?

Penalty bets are one of the questions that many betting enthusiasts are interested in today. To better understand the concept and popular types of bets, as well as how to calculate winnings and losses,. Please refer to Phlove.link analysis in the article below.

Penalty betting

Find out what penalty bets are?

penalty bet is a type of bet known as 11-m bet, a type of bet that appears last in the match when the final result is a draw between the two teams. With this type of bet, each participating team will take 5 penalty kicks from the 11-mark. The bettor’s task is to predict the number of successful goals the team will score during the match.

If after 5 turns the winner still cannot be determined, the two teams continue to add more turns until the final result is reached. This type of bet is not always available, it only appears when two teams compete to win or lose in penalty shootouts. Or appears when after two official rounds, and extra time, there is still no result.

Penalty bets often appear when betting online

Bet on the team winning the penalty

This is the most basic form, you just need to predict the team you believe will win and then bet on it. If that team wins, you win the bet and receive money according to the correct betting odds.

Over/under penalty bet

Bet on over/under penalty bets – This is a type of bet based on the total number of balls hit into the goal. Note that in this type of bet, we do not care which team scores the goal, we only need to care about whether the ball is scored into the goal or not.

There are 10 shots from 5 players on each team. According to the over/under betting rules, 7 or more scored balls are considered over. Below this level, it is called an under bet. When the Penalty score is two goals apart, the winner will be determined. It is not necessary to kick all 10 goals, so over/under will be calculated accordingly.

Find out information about over/under penalty bets

Find out information about over/under penalty bets

Penalty handicap betting

Penalty handicap betting considers the difference in strength between the two teams. This allows players to bet based on analysis of which team is likely to win. Depending on the difference in strength of the two teams, the odds are adjusted accordingly to have attractive payouts.

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In addition to the typical bets above, you also encounter some popular forms of penalty play below:

Penalty score betting

Bet on the team to score the first goal, and the team to score the last goal

Bet on goalscorer

Bet on the number of consecutive punctures

Bet on the total number of penalty shootout goals.

Example illustrating how to calculate winning – losing penalty bets

After understanding what the concept of penalty bets is, the way to calculate winnings and losses on this type of bet is also of interest to many bettors. Please refer to the typical illustrative example below:

The match takes place between Chelsea and Southampton, the player deposits a bet of $100 with Chelsea’s win rate being 2.23 and Southampton’s penalty win rate being 1.77. The following cases will occur:

Team Chelsea wins the final penalty, then you bet on Chelsea to win the bet and receive an amount of: $100 + (2.23 x $100) = $323. The player who chooses Southampton loses the bet and loses the entire amount of $100.

In case the Southampton team wins the penalty, of course the player betting on this bet wins the bet and receives an amount of: 100$ + (1.77 x 100) = 177$, the player who bet on Chelsea loses the bet.

How to play penalty bets to always win

To ensure victory when entering penalty bets, we invite you to refer to these great tips from the following experts:

Choose the right bet type: There are many penalty bets so you need to make the right choice to have the highest chance of winning.

Reasonable bet management: This helps bettors avoid risks and loss of large bets.

Maintain your mentality: In betting, maintaining your mentality is always an important factor to help you win the bet. Don’t be too hasty or hasty in betting, but analyze carefully to avoid unwanted results.

Consider penalty kick history: Before placing bets, you need to learn the history and performance of recent penalty shootouts to get accurate results.

Above is all the information about what penalty bets are as well as popular types of penalty shootout bets. We hope to bring you knowledge and experience in betting effectively. Don’t forget to visit Lovejili to experience professional sports betting today!

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