Understand the rules of Baccarat – Hold victory in your hands

Online casinos are becoming more popular than ever. Among them, Baccarat is causing a fever again and creating a new card-playing trend in the gaming community. However, today there are too many different variations, and not everyone understands the exact rules of Baccarat. If you have itchy feet or want to try this LOVEJILI game, please quickly read the following tutorial article.

Introducing Baccarat – The hottest online casino game

Introducing Baccarat – The hottest online casino game

What is Baccarat? A question that many people ask every time any new game appears. This is considered a fighting card game, whoever has a total score of 9 first will win. It has many similarities with scratch cards in Vietnam

When playing baccarat, people use 4 to 8 decks of 52 cards (no jokers or wild cards). Each card has a score equal to the value printed above. Except for special cases as follows: card A is considered 1, card 10 and picture are considered 0.

Players have the right to choose the card they want instead of passively receiving it forcibly. It is this factor that has partly created the success of Baccarat today. Playing this Baccarat card has a fairly high winning rate whether you bet on a Banker or a Player.

Learn about the most accurate rules of Baccarat

Learn about the most accurate rules of Baccarat

Many people often believe that Baccarat is simply a game based on luck. However, if you do not clearly understand the rules and have your strategies, you will soon lose all your money to the house. Therefore, let’s find out the most accurate Baccarat rules right away!

Reputable bookmakers offer free bets with standard game rules that will bring you the safest and most transparent Baccarat space. From there, ensuring the following betting experience maximizes its effectiveness.

Terminology specifically used in Baccarat game rules

  • There are quite a few terms that Baccarat players often use. You need to remember carefully before playing to avoid confusion. As follows:
  • Player: This is the door for players. The winning amount you receive will be equal to the initial value you placed.
  • Banker: At the dealer’s door, when the player wins a bet, 5% commission will be deducted. However, the win rate is a bit higher than Player.
  • For example: Player bets $100 on the banker. According to Baccarat t rules, $95 is the winning amount you receive and the remaining $5 is transferred to the house.
  • Tie: Players will bet on a draw when they see that the two sides are at risk of equal scores. Payout is 8 or 9 times the bet amount depending on the house.
  • Natural win (Natural): After dealing the first 2 Baccarat cards. The win will fall on the hand with a score of 8 or 9 without considering the third card.
  • Player Pair: Bet a pair on the Player side and receive a winning ratio of 11:1.
  • Perfect Pair: Place a pair of the same suit in one of the two doors and receive a payout of 25:1.
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Simple division when playing Baccarat

Simple division when playing Baccarat
  • Dealing with Baccarat cards is very simple. First, it will be divided among the Players and then it is the Banker’s turn. According to the rules of Baccarat, the dealer deals cards as follows:
  • Card 1 and card 3 are divided into Player
  • Cards 2 and 4 are divided into Banker

Baccarat card drawing rules

The third card draw depends on the score each side holds after the first 2 cards. Baccarat game rules are as follows:

For Players:

From 0 – 5 points, you have the right to draw a third card

6 to 9 points will stop drawing cards.

For Bankers:

Depending on the guest’s third card, the score of the first 2 cards falls between 0 and 5.

If the total score of 2 cards is from 0 -2, you can draw 1 more card.

If there are 3 points where the customer draws an 8, the Banker cannot take any more. However, when the Player draws any card #8, the dealer gets to draw one card.

When Banker owns 4 points while Player draws cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the dealer draws another card. If the player draws any card #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the Banker stops drawing.

If the Player’s 5 points draw 4, 5, 6, 7, the Banker can draw 1 more card and vice versa.

If the Player draws 6 or 7 for 6 points, the Banker can draw the next card and vice versa.

If the dealer has 7 points, they will not draw more.

If the banker has 8 – 9 points, he wins naturally.

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