Live cockfighting – The most popular form of betting today

Live is currently a popular form in the cockfighting betting community. A way to play that combines high entertainment with the ability to make money, attracting many players. However, for beginners, this form is a strange and quite complicated world. The article below LOVEJILI will help you understand in detail about live cockfighting.

Overview of live cockfighting format

Overview of live cockfighting format

Live is a form of cockfighting that takes place in life and is broadcast via the internet or betting websites. This is also known as live cockfighting, online cockfighting, and many other names.

This form of cockfighting has become popular and developed strongly not only in Asia but also in many countries around the world. Current reputable playgrounds help players watch matches live and place bets without having to travel to overseas arenas.

Classification of current forms of direct cockfighting 

Classification of current forms of direct cockfighting 

Below are some popular forms of cockfighting on the market today. You will be introduced to each feature of each form to make your choice. 

Live cockfighting with commentary

Cockfighting with commentary involves the participation of commentators in the match. This form is popular when the current recording platform is effectively supported by technology.

Cockfights have commentators to help make the match more interesting and exciting. They are professionals who not only create excitement for the match but also provide additional information for players to view and make decisions. Analyzes and reviews from commentators based on aggregated data help players make more accurate betting decisions.

Live cockfighting with knife spurs

Live spur cockfighting, also known as in the Philippines, is similar to spur cockfighting in Cambodia. The only difference is that the fighting cock is equipped with a pair of sharp and sharp knife spurs, capable of causing greater damage to the opponent.

Cockfights usually last a few minutes and can end quickly. Simply because the knife spurs will damage chicken opponents faster.

Cockfighting with iron spurs

Direct cockfighting with iron spurs is also a very popular form in the current market. Cockfights are also tense and exciting, attracting many participants. The duration of iron cockfighting is shorter than that of knife cockfighting, but it takes place every day and often has many dramatic matches.

Thomo cockfighting live

Live Thomo cockfighting is another popular form that attracts the attention of many players. At the Thomo arena, the matches take place professionally and attractively. Although major tournaments usually take place on weekends, weekdays also have many options for players.

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Watch and play casino cockfighting 

Live casino cockfighting is also a new and popular form. This is a combination of live cockfighting and online casinos. In this form, players can bet on main betting outlets including Meron, Wala, and BDD. The payout rate is different for each bet, Melon bets have lower rewards but have a high winning probability while Wala has a higher payout rate.

Looking for attractive live cockfighting addresses

Looking for attractive live cockfighting addresses
  • If you are wondering and don’t know where to watch or participate in cockfighting. The content below will help you find a reputable, suitable address in the current market that is loved by many players:
  • The address must be updated and directly broadcast all top matches from many famous cockfighting arenas. Including cockfighting in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and many other countries.
  • Players can use many different devices, including mobile phones, computers, and anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can download and register an account to play, watch, and bet on cockfighting.
  • The number of players and participants is large, there is an operating license, quick payment, transparency, etc. These are also factors for players to refer to and then choose an address to play cockfighting for themselves.


In the above article, we have provided information related to the form of live cockfighting to you. Hopefully, the above information will help players’ journey of watching cockfighting matches and choosing bets become easier and more convenient. Let’s discover more interesting information in the next articles.

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