How to play Roulette effectively comes from veteran players

How to play Roulette effectively is always something that both veteran players and beginners should keep in mind. Because this includes the basics to advanced tips, it is extremely necessary for you no matter what level you are at. The following is the knowledge LOVEJILI offers to help you have a more general view of this subject.

Revealing the Origins of Roulette

Revealing the Origins of Roulette

Few people are interested in the origins of games, but you can also learn to expand your understanding and acumen when participating in a game. As for Roulette, it originated as a card genre often used for entertainment purposes by aristocrats in England.

Roulette is a relatively new game with more than 50 years of existence, but it carries with it extremely new elements because it is regularly innovated to suit the playing style of players of all times. Before jumping into learning about the secrets of playing Roulette, you should clearly understand what Roulette is.

Roulette is a game with a form of play including 1 spinning wheel and 38 numbers (0, 00, and 1 -36). The form of play is that the dealer will place a ball at the outermost position of the spinning wheel, let the spinning wheel spin, and wait for it to stop completely. At this time, whichever number the ball lands on, the player who bets on that number wins.

Two popular trends in how to play Roulette effectively

To play Roulette effectively, most people in the world will choose the playing style, also known as the playing perspective, that best suits them. According to the history of this subject, seniors in the industry often follow two main trends, each trend will have different concepts and playing styles.

People with a calculating mind, who always make decisions based on practice and specialized analysis, often follow the first trend. Here, we gather faces who play Roulette not based on hunches and predictions, they play this game based on logical thinking.

On the contrary, the second trend includes those who have the opinion that Roulette is an emotional game. Currently, this trend is dominating the number of players, because most of them believe that they cannot apply calculation skills or physical and mathematical elements to the game.

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However, up to now, Roulette has recognized many great masters, thanks to the application of scientific knowledge from many specialties to decode and fully grasp the rules in this subject. Since then, it has gradually been determined that Roulette is a subject that can be decoded thanks to probability, not just emotion, to ensure victory.

Family secrets on how to play Roulette effectively

Family secrets on how to play Roulette effectively

The subject originated from the British royal family after many years of introduction to the world and has now been accepted and loved by many countries, especially the American countries. Coming to each region, this Roulette game will have different variations to adapt to the culture of each region. Next, let’s learn about two tips applied in the two largest areas.

How to play Roulette effectively with the famous folding strategy

The strategy of folding is certainly no longer strange to those with extensive experience in the profession. This is a method that is applied extremely effectively in Roulette. This method is to not bet the same fixed amount for each game, but instead, double the bet amount for each game after each loss. If you do so, when you win, your prize money will be extremely generous.

A specific example is: When you lose a bet on the red box with a bet of 10, the next game you bet on is 20. If this game is still not won, increase the bet to 40. for the next game, then 80, 160, 320,… Continue until you win, the bonus you receive will be many times higher than the bet you spent.

Play Roulette effectively when betting on the Fibonacci sequence

Play Roulette effectively when betting on the Fibonacci sequence

According to experience passed down from leading seniors in the world, when registering to participate in this Roulette sport, you should equip yourself with knowledge of good tips. Among them, the Fibonacci sequence is a name that you should memorize and apply effectively.

This method is quite easy by just following two rules about the betting capital, which are: If you lose, increase by 1 – If you win, decrease by 2. This is the famous Fibonacci sequence, guiding and advising you on how to Place money in consecutive bets to avoid losses and attract as much profit as possible.


The effective way to play Roulette above can make you admire it if applied correctly and effectively. Practice and give yourself more tips, and search for related knowledge to improve your understanding to help you soon become a professional and successful player.

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