The greatest team in England – Number 1 is MU or Liverpool?

The greatest team in England team is hard to pin down in just one club. Each team has achievements and titles in different tournaments. So we will update the list of the top 10 great teams in England in terms of titles. The content of the article LOVEJILI will help you get interesting information and statistics about English football.

1. England’s greatest football team is Manchester United

1. England's greatest football team is Manchester United

Manchester United or MU is currently considered the greatest English team in history. The club has a long track record in the domestic tournament with 20 Premier League championships and 3 Champions League titles. But many people think that Liverpool is the team that deserves this top 1 position.

2. England’s greatest football team – Liverpool

Liverpool is another great English team that fans want to talk about. The team also has 19 Premier League titles and 7 FA championships and has lifted the European Cup 6 times. The English port city football team has a history dating back to 1892 and is currently still one of the leading football teams in Europe.

3. Great English football team – Arsenal

Ranked 3rd in the top 10 greatest football teams in England is probably the Gunners – Arsenal. The team founded in 1886 currently has 13 Premier League championships and 14 FA Cup championships. Coach Mikel Arteta’s team has not currently won the Champion League but also holds many other titles.

4. A great football team in England – Chelsea FC

Chelsea is also England’s greatest team with 6 Premier League championships, 8 FA championships and 2 UEFA Champions League championships. This team, founded in 1905, emerged after the 2000s thanks to wealthy owners who spent heavily in the transfer market.

5. A great football team in England – Manchester City FC

5. A great football team in England - Manchester City FC

Ranked 5th in the top 10 greatest teams in England, of course, we cannot ignore Man City – the defending Premier League and Champions League champions. The most successful club in England in the 21st century with 4 Premier League championships, 7 FA Cup championships, and 1 UEFA Champions League championship.

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6. Great Everton Club

Everton is a great team from the same port city as Liverpool. The team is considered Liverpool’s biggest rival with a history dating back to 1878. The blue half of Merseyside has 9 Premier League championships, 5 FA championships, and UEFA Cup, and 1 UEFA Super Cup championship. A mid-range team in England but always a dark horse that hinders any big player.

7. Great London football team – Tottenham 

Tottenham Hotspur, nicknamed the Rooster, is also a club on the list of England’s greatest football teams. The Roosters won 2 Premier League championships, 8 FA championships, and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup championship. With a history dating back to 1882, this team has always been in the top of the strongest clubs in England.

8. Aston Villa FC

Another great club in the foggy country in the past was Aston Villa. The team has 7 Premier League titles 1 Champions League title and 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup championship. The team with a history dating back to 1874 was previously considered the top strongest club in England.

9. Newcastle United Club

Newcastle Football Club also has a long history dating back to 1892 and their impressive track record helps them make this list. Owns 4 Premier League championships, 6 FA championships, 1 FA Community Shield championship. Magpies currently have investment from oil bosses who are promising to overthrow the giants in the English Premier League.

10. Great football team – Blackburn Rover

10. Great football team – Blackburn Rover

Ranked last in the top great football teams in England in our opinion is the rose football team – Blackburn Rover. A club with 6 Premier League titles and 1 Champion League championship certainly deserves this position. Many people will think that Leeds United deserves more, but my personal opinion is that the Rose football team deserves to be in this top 10.


So we have compiled the top 10 greatest team in England in history for fans to learn about. There will be some debate about the top 1 and top 10 positions on the list when there are more deserving teams. However, it must be recognized that these are the top great clubs in England, the teams that make English football the most attractive tournament on the planet. Let’s watch lots of new sports news updated every day.

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